The Problem

Subscribers need to dash around their homes trying to find their ringing mobile handsets and pay for
incoming airtime. Often they have to put up with possible poor reception.
Our Solution

Broadphone’s Location Based Network (LBN) enables calls to a mobile phone to ring simultaneously
and distinctively on all co-located land phones. Subscribers can register as many locations as they
like: home, office, weekend home, parents, etc. They simply walk into and out of pre-registered
locations for the service to be automatically activated or de-activated. No hardware, router or new
phone is needed and the service works whether the fixed line is copper or IP.  Broadphone’s
“Fingerprint” geo-location software can be installed on any mobile phone including inexpensive
models. Fingerprint is superior to GPS in accuracy and its simplicity allows it to consume less power.

When our Location Based Network (LBN) is combined with our Central Address Director (CAD), a one
phone number option (similar to is possible for all land and cell phones.
Subscribers can also further customize their LBN, based on pre-determined times, locations and caller
identities. This will refine simultaneous ringing even if they are in their pre-registered spaces or
conversely have calls to their landline ring only on their mobile when they are not at their landline

LBN can be offered in conjunction with WiFi/Cell or instead of it.
Location Based Network No hardware or new phone needed
Copyright Broadphone
Incoming mobile calls answered over IP
Can offer one phone # for land and mobile**
Incoming mobile calls answered over copper
Multiple locations***        
Requires special expensive handset and router        
Incoming mobile calls also ring on land phones
Activated only when at specific locations*
WiFi/Cell handoffs
Works on all inexpensive mobile handsets****
Broadphone  WiFi/Cell
Location Based Network
Customized call routing possible*****      
*        Call forwarding solutions unfortunately ring on landlines even when the subscriber is not there. Fast Forward from AT&T (Cingular) requires a
        cradle at each location
**       Similar to direct-to-consumer but Telco provided.
***      With Broadphone, subscribers can register an unlimited number of frequently visited locations such as home, work, weekend home, etc.
        Wifi/Cell only works where there is a password -accessible or open WiFi signal.
****    When loaded with Broadphone software
*****   When combined with Broadphone’s Central Address Director