The Problem

Subscribers look up phone numbers on mobile phones or on paper or on the web and then dial on a
landline. They painfully build unsynched address books using a phone keypad resulting in address
books with few entries while existing robust web based address books remain inaccessible to mobile
and land phones.
Our Solution

Broadphone’s Central Address Director (CAD) is a platform that enables subscribers to visually
navigate their address books from any mobile or land phone with a caller ID screen. Of critical
importance, it can be  accessed without a web browser. They can export their Outlook or other web
based address book or build a single, extensive, personal address book via a dedicated web site. The
CAD is stored centrally on a Broadphone server located at the provider. No software is required on
land or mobile handsets. To the provider our CAD platform is a powerful gateway to communications
(much like search is to the web) allowing them to “own” the customer and create additional services
such as use land phones to send voice and/or voice to text messages to an email address, receive
SMS on land phones, all without web access.
Central Address Director Visually navigable by any phone
Copyright Broadphone
Visually navigable from mobile phones
Accessible from land phones
Easy to enter addresses**
Gateway platform for other services
SMS on land phone
Requires special handset
Accessible without web browser
Infinite size address book
Voice emails on land phone
Central Address Director
Broadphone     Plaxo*
*       Plaxo, a web based address book, is currently offered by Verizon at $4.59 per month
**      Most phone keypads are very cumbersome for entering alphabetic info